Cloud POS


A Simple, Easy to Use Point of Sale Solution For Retail and Hospitality

Reckon Cloud POS is a simple, easy to use point of sale system designed for retail and hospitality environments. This solution is ideally suited for small operations with simple requirements such as a need for a single register and no production printing. Similarly to our other POS offerings, Reckon Cloud POS is flexible and runs on many different platforms such as PC-based and tabled-based POS hardware.

Reckon Cloud POS, as the name suggests, is hosted in the cloud which means savings on physical hardware and a simple to understand payment model.


The Essentials

Reckon Cloud POS includes the basic functionality to get your business up and running.

Includes a cash register, simple inventory management, in-depth reporting and user permissions. Increase customer retention by issuing and tracking gift cards, allocate loyalty points on purchases and offer VIP and birthday rewards. Live reports make it easy to understand how your business is performing over the working day.

Easy to Use

With a concise, simple interface, Reckon Cloud POS makes it easy to transact fast and reliably in a busy environment.

Includes clear, descriptive buttons and an easy to understand sale view. It’s also simple to apply discounts to sales. Reckon Cloud POS also allows cashiers to split payments on orders and park sales for later processing. Also included is the ability to customise receipts and email receipts to customers for convenience and to reduce paper usage.

Integrates With Your Accounting Software

Reduce administration time and double entry by synchronising sales data to your favourite cloud accounting software. Reckon Cloud POS integrates with some of the most popular accounting software out there including Reckon One, Reckon Accounts Hosted, Xero and Quickbooks Online.


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