Small business pos systems

If you own or manage a small business in the retail industry the right Point-of-Sale system can make doing business easier. Sales reporting and customer services are top priorities and we can shape small business POS systems to make your small business shine in both areas.

Installing a new Point-of-Sale system in your small business can make a world of difference to your service levels and can reduce the administrative time drain. We can integrate your accounting system so it works seamlessly with your new system and set up custom sales reports so everything is automated and easy.

We know the pros and cons of a mass of small business POS systems so after a quick chat with you we’ll be able to recommend the system that will work best for you. And we can also customise the system so it fits like a glove and gives you some little benefits you might not have expected.

Small business POS systems with perks and options to make doing business easy…

Small business POS systems

Selection and set-up as easy as 1,2,3

  • We match you with your perfect system (or you can specify your own preference)
  • We set up your system so day one is all smooth running

Customer service 

  • Mobile devices can make checking stock on the floor easy
  • Showing other product options on a mobile device saves time
  • Show customers how to use your online shopping services

Simple payments 

  • Easy, fast payments
  • Options like cardless payments, wireless, phone tap and bluetooth printers
  • Gift voucher management options

Smart sales reporting 

  • Dashboard view for your ideal snapshot report
  • Set up sales goals and work towards them knowing where you are at every point
  • End of day reporting – customise it to suit your reporting requirements
  • Custom automated sales reporting
  • Integration with your accounting system

Stock management 

  • Stock management with barcoding technology
  • Re-ordering made easy

Staff training

  • We only recommend POS systems that are simple to use so you can train new staff yourself or get us in if you prefer

HR functions

  • Clocking in and out is simple
  • Include rostering systems and leave periods

Marketing functions

  • Build a customer database
  • Start up a customer loyalty program
  • Communicate with your customers

Whether you’re a small business with a simple set up or a growing small business who wants a more sophisticated system, we have a range of options to offer you. Contact us to find out more or request a quote.