Set up Timely to suit your business

Your Timely account makes running your business way easier. That means setting it up how you want, from locations and hours to staff and services, and everything in between.


Manage your staff

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Staff profiles with a photo, name, and description of their expertise are a lovely way to let your clients get to know the team.

Give each person the right access

You can grant staff access to login to Timely using their own email addresses, so they can check their appointments any time. You have complete control over how your staff use Timely. Restrict access to reports, settings or the customer database, or give them full access to run your business while you’re not there.

Manage their schedule

Set your staff’s normal working hours and breaks, and make adjustments using the Roster. Timely automatically updates their availability online, so there are no awkward accidental bookings. Staff can add busy time to their calendars, to prevent online bookings during their breaks.


Set up multiple locations

Fixed location, mobile locations, multiple locations: whatever your business model is, Timely makes it easy to manage. You can oversee what’s going on at each location, all from the one Timely account. Add your address and we’ll automatically pull through your Google Maps location on your online booking widget, so clients will have no trouble finding you!

Easily schedule anything you need

Create services

Set up your service offerings with ease, specifying whether they’re bookable online, which staff can perform them, and whether they require a deposit. You can even set up groups of services to be booked into the calendar easily (think Colour, Cut and Style).

Host classes for more than one customer

You can book your classes through Timely, too. Add the classes into your Calendar, ready for your customers to book into online. Set the capacity, price, date and time and you’re ready to go.

Set up your equipment and rooms

Got a room or piece of equipment that can only be used for one appointment at a time? Set up your rooms and equipment as Resources in Timely. Resources are assigned to your services, so they can’t be double booked. Whew!


Sell anything in just a few clicks

Once you’re set up, it’s time to start selling! Whether it’s a client walking in for the first time or a loyal client on their 20th visit, anything you might need to sell is just a few clicks away.


Timely works great as an addon for the Vend point of sale solution:


Take appointment payments at point-of-sale Raise sales in the Vend POS directly from your appointment calendar
Sell products Add products to your appointment payment or make one-off sales
Customer and product sync Import your customers into Timely and we’ll keep everything synced
Inventory management and more! Use all of Vend’s advanced features alongside Timely